www.pokemesh.com – Locate Pokemon With Pokemesh Tracker


  • Provides and improves the players Pokemon GO experience by displaying all the Pokemon available around the gamer or in any selected area (i.e. the city of Orange County)
  • Free to use and download (available for the Android OS)
  • DD

Pokemesh allows players to filter out the


they are not interested in via the Pokedex (no more of catching the same creature a thousands time), and even allows the player to run the app in background mode which will help reserves the phone’s battery life (which means more Pokemon GO).

Pokemesh Comments

  • A Real-Time

    Pokemon GO Map

    for Android
  • Status: up and running for now
  • Pokemesh allows the user to see this map while they’re using their smart phone
  • Allows players to donate to Pokemesh via Paypal
  • The PayPal donation tab could get them in trouble with Niantic and/or Nintendo and cause them to get shut down
  • Niantic and/or Nintendo do not allow 3rd party apps to make money from Pokemon Go at this time

What in the world is this Pokemon Go game?

  • Location-based augmented reality game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices
  • Free to play and highly addicting
  • Was released to the general public in July of 2020

Pokemon Go has been downloaded by more than 100,000,000 players world-wide and prides themselves in creating a game that involves physical activity (players actually have to walk around to find creatures… some players use bikes and skateboards to make it from one Pokestop to another).  Some city governments expressed concerns over the game’s security due to crime and accidents.

Any questions in regards to the Pokemesh APP can be directed to pokemeshapp@gmail.com (a toll-free number could not be found).  Pokemesh is constantly updating their content to stay one step ahead of the competition and to avoid being shut down by the haters.

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www.pokemonradargo.com – Poke Radar for Pokemon GO Locations

Pokemon Radar Go

  • Provides real time locations of all the Pokemon around a given location or anywhere in the world that have recently been found by other Pokemon GO trainers
  • Not as good as pokevision.com which was Niantic to the dismay of many Pokemon fan boys
  • Only as good as the gamers using it as some people report it is showing only two Pokemon in an entire state



Radar Go service is free to use and can be used with the popular Pokemon Go game that has hit the world by storm.  Poke Radar was built by Pokemon GO enthusiasts for Pokemon GO enthusiasts but it is predicted that Niantic will eventually shut this service down as well.  The Pokemon Radar Go App is available for download at the Google Play store or the APP store.

Who is Niantic and why are they shutting down all the good Pokemon Go apps?

  • Niantic, Inc. is a San Fransisco based software development firm
  • Founded in 2010 by John Hanke
  • The other hit game they have besides Pokémon Go is called Ingress

The firm claims “Niantic’s systems use high throughput real-time geospatial querying and indexing techniques to process more than 200 million game actions per day as people interact with real and virtual objects in the physical world.  At the time of founding the firm was under the guidance of Mr Hanke and was a part of a internal startup within Google.  The name Niantic comes from the California Gold Rush.

Pokemon Radar Go can be found on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.  Pokemon Go has been downloaded more than 100 million times (and growing) and experts in the app industry reckon the game makes about $10 million a day.  Pokémon Go is available for the iOS and Android operating systems and can be accessed on all smart phones with WIFI.

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www.myvikingjourney.com/gif – Plan A Viking Cruise Experience

My Viking Journey

  • Personalize and plan a cruise online with Viking
  • Customers who are new to the service will have to create an My Viking Journey account with a valid email address
  • Once an account has been created the customer can complete the Guest Information Form, explore shore excursions and access important documents

The My Viking Journey service is free to use and the email address used at the time of registration will be used to log into My Viking Journey (please note once the My Viking Journey account has been created the customer is NOT allowed to change the email address).

What kind of services does My Viking Journey provide?

  • Allows adventure goers to browse and book shore excursions (there are a limited amount of slots available and the excursions are based on first come first serve)
  • Access & print important cruise related documents
  • Check out air services and manage flight details
  • Explore the area in which the cruise will take place and check out hot spots
  • Check out the Viking ship (view deck plans and learn about onboard dining)
  • Manage a schedule via the My Viking Journey personalized calendar (highly recommended)

Any questions about the My Viking Journey GIF experience can be directed to VikingGuestServices@vikingcruises.com or by phone to 1-855-706-2326 (US) OR 1-800-207-7286 (Canada) OR 0800 319 66 60 (UK) OR 1800 131 744 (Australia) OR 0800 447 913 (New Zealand).  Full travel documents related to a Viking Cruise will be issued approximately 3 weeks prior to departure (those who request them before that time will be charged an early processing fee of $25).

What are acceptable forms of payments when boarding a Viking River Cruise?  Customers are allowed to use all major credit cards to include 


, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.  Travelers can also use checks and Electronic Funds Transfer services.

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www.benefitcut.com – Watch Benefit Cut Social Secuity Video

Benefit Cut

  • Learn more about the suppose Social Security Bombshell that could lower senior citizens SS payments
  • The report concludes that seniors could lose as much as three months’ worth of benefit checks
  • Many people call the Benefit Cut video a scare online marketing campaign to get older people to purchase the The Palm Beach Letter

The main goal of the Benefit Cut video is to get consumers to buy into the Palm Beach Letter which gives advice on


, the stock market, insurance, mortgages, real estate, gold, silver, oil, currency, and even risky option trading strategies.  This investment letter will arrive on the first Thursday of every month and in some cases in the event of an urgent announcement the member may receive the newsletter ahead of time.

Benefit Cut Comments

  • Just a scare ad to sell an investment newsletter called the Palm Beach Letter
  • Comes with a 60 day risk free trial
  • Comes with 2 special reports and a free book

The special reports that come with the Benefit Cut promotion are the Four Ways to Immediately Boost Your Social Security and The Retirement Crib Sheet – Everyday Tips You Can Use to Save Thousands Every Year.  The book included in the free trial offer is The Big Black Book of Income Secrets which describes 30 ways in which old people can pick up safe, reliable income every month.

The Benefit Cut website is operated by the Palm Beach Research Group who are headquartered at 55 NE 5th Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33483.

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www.getrecolor.com – ReColor by Wipe New Promotional Offer

Get ReColor

  • Rust-Oleum ReColor by Wipe New will make most old surfaces look new again
  • It is highly recommended to wear gloves when applying ReColor as it can be difficult to remove from skin
  • Is a wipe-on clear coating and sealant

The Get ReColor promotional offer checks in at 


plus $5.00 for shipping and processing PLUS it comes with a 100% money back guarantee.  Please note that the $5 for shipping and handling will not be refunded under the Get ReColor 100% money back guarantee offer.  Please allow up to 10 business days for the product to arrive and 48 hours before calling about the status of the Get ReColor offer.

Popular surfaces that are ideal for Get Recolor?

  • Shutters & Sidings
  • Golf Carts
  • Speed boats and Jet Ski’s
  • Patio Furniture and Grills
  • Window Trims
  • BBQ Pits
  • Garden Accessories
  • Car Bumpers
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Old Metal Railings
  • Golf Bags
  • Kayaks
  • Mailboxes

The Wipe New Rust-oleum product receive better than average reviews on Amazon.com checking in at 3.9 out of 5 stars based on more than 100 review.

Other popular products produced by the ReColor company include Wipe New Tires (make old, beat up tires look new again), Wipe New Headlight Restore, and the ever popular Wipe New Trim Kit (this really takes away about 5 years of age of an old car).  Any consumers looking to contact a customer service agent about the Get ReColor promotional offer or any questions about the products should see below:

  • Phone: (855) 836-8438
  • Email: wipenew@customerstatus.com
  • Online: CustomerStatus.com anytime day or night

Please note the Get ReColor

promotional offer

is only valid to people living in the United States or Canada and the product cannot be shipped to PO Boxes.  When calling the 855 toll-free customer support help line please dial between the times of 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, EST Monday thru Fridays only as the call center is closed on the weekends.

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